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I grew up surrounded of antiques and art. Vintage and antique clothing and textiles have had a great importance in my life, so first I became a vintage addict, later a serious collector and after severeal years of passionate addiction, I studied hard to become an specialist in  fashion history, appraisal, restoration and conservation. I have over 10 years experience and a good background as an external consultant, restorer, appraiser and lecturer for worlwide auction houses, museums, galleries, private collectors and fashion events,as well as my own atelier and store. We are a little team of experienced and professional conservators, restorers and fashion historians.

Our mission is rescuing all kind of antique, historic or ethnographic textiles. No matter their provenance, beauty, rarity or lack of these qualities, we love our job and feel a deep respect, curiosity, a need for keep on learning about our work, and most important, please all our customers, who trust in our involvement, seriousness and care.

Textiles, like all antiques, deserve to be rescued, taken care and pass on to the future generations. These are indeed priceless treasures, even if they are just fragments or not made of the finest materials, because they have been kept along the years, and although extremely fragile in most cases, they´ve survived the passage of time.

Textiles may be subject to a variety of disfiguring ills, many caused by environmental effects, changes in temperature and humidity, in particular, as well as wear and the choices you make in storing or displaying such objects. Our studio is equipped to care for your most valued treasured textiles.


* Consultation, textile examination. evaluation, cleaning, restoration, conservation, acquisition and de-accesion services to individuals, public and private institutions, on antique and historic textiles.

* Preventive care, supported by research, education and experience.

* All treatments and/or valuations include written and photographic documentation.

* We dress mannequins for costume exhibition and display, and we can help with collections management and prepare textiles for storage.


* Historic Costume (incl. clothing, shoes, purses, hats, and other accessories)

* Embroidery, needlework and samplers

* Lace

* Leather

* Wedding and Christening Gowns

* Doll´s Clothes

* Antique Trousseaux or Domestic Textiles (bed covers, tablecloths, curtains, handkerchiefs, etc)

* Asian Textiles

If you are interested in getting an appraisal or wish to ask for information regarding restoration on one or more of your antique textiles, please e mail us the following information: name, email address, information you have, size, condition and clear jpeg images.

If you would like to sell or locate antique textiles, please send us the following information in your e-mail: name, email address, location of the textile, size, condition, price, origin and any other information you may have; (previous owners, weave structures) along with clear jpeg images.
antique textiles restoration                   atelier
just a little gallery of projects made                       at our studio
Exquisite c.1870 French Christening GownStunning c.1860 Large Miser´ purse with embroidered silver marcasites.Superb c.1860 Burgundy leather half calf boots with mesh fabric side elastics.c.1880 Figural lace bedspread.Lovely c.1905 Edwardian young girl heavily embroidered dress. 1920s Mandalian enameled mesh purse.c.1900 Large figural and drawnwork tableclothExotic c.1850 Brown silk gown with brocade and embroidery.Rich c.1920 Art Deco large embroidered silver marcasites pouch.c.1860 Wedding gown.Elegant c.1930 Black silk with silver marcasites embroidered envelope style handbac.c.1850 Figural pouch in exquisite Sablé beading.18th century Gentleman´s wig made of horse hair.Little c.1890 ecru  and beige coutil corset with hand made lace and blue bow.c.1900 Black glass beaded collar.
Our antique textiles studio is dedicated to the conservation, restoration, cleaning and identification of historic, ethnographic and heirloom textiles and clothing. With over 10 years experience, our studio is equipped to care for your most valued objects.

Our clients includes museums, collectors, historic homes, dealers and individuals, who understand the importance of careful and professional treatment.